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Week 1 Reflection on Intro to Video DS106

I really enjoy doing all of these blogs and webhost. I haven’t really found one yet that is free but Im in the process of that.The only hard part was the webhost cause i haven’t really done that before. I learn about customizing on blogs even if i just like to write. I also learn about this new webhost that is pretty weird to use. What i am excited about this class is the use of cameras and even recording things that can be creative and fun. I really hope that we also do movies or clips using YouTube that will be fun. What i am dreading about is what is going to happen in this class. How will we be graded and how can i achieve a A in the class. I believe it is just on the creative side that can give a person an A. I have a few questions. Can you find out any webhost that is free to use that has cpanel? Also What is the grading rubric of this class? What is going to be happening over the next couple of weeks? Is it hard to get a A in the class? I hope you reply and i hope for a good semester.


Start of the School year

Most people are starting out the school year with no preparation. I agree with that and the fact that a person is in summer mode and not school mode will make the person feel uncomfortable. They must be able to adapt and adjust to the problem and go back into school mode. I believe there are 3 ways to make yourself go back to into school mode.

1. Always have a planner to make sure you have all the materials for class.

2. Focus on what is important this semester such as what you didn’t do the last semester that can give you that motivation to do better this semester.

3. Make new friends that want to succeed and always study what is needed to study.

I believe with these three you will go back to school mode and even do better than your last semester. There is always improvement for anyone as long as you commit.

The Beginning

Hello writers, I am creating this blog to share my opinions to sports, fitness, video gamesĀ  and even life. I will give advices to others about fitness and how much they need to improve on it. I will also talk about the main sports and what is happening in the NBA, NFL and MLB. Anyone that needs advice in good video games or problems in life i can also post that. I hope that everyone understands and reads this. I hope to have good comments and opinions from others.

Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!